Filter cloth

Filter cloth and wire cloth are alternate terms for wire mesh. Nonetheless, the terms filter cloth and wire cloth are more related to synthetics where wire mesh is also related to non-woven porous metals like welded mesh and stretched metal plates. But in the end both terms are correct for these type of woven fabrics, as both terms can be used for woven materials for industrial purposes. Read everything concerning wire mesh and thus wire cloth by clicking here.

Filter cloth is used within the filtration industry. Well know applications for filter cloth are for example filter presses or filter cloth bags. Many of these applications and the filter cloth involved consist of multifilament wire cloth, this is wire cloth with several layers of wires/material within one specific wire. Materials used within these kind applications are for instance Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyamide, Aramid, Ryton, Polyimide, Acrylic, Fiberglass, PTFE etc. Filter cloth in terms of polyester wire cloth belts are e.g. used for belt filter presses, these are the type of monofilament wire mesh belts which are produced by Drenth Holland bv.