Wind tunnel screens

Aerodynamic research makes use of wind tunnels to analyse the effects of air movement past objects like model planes, buildings, or other type of current and new vehicles in development. A wind tunnel usually consists of a tubular shaped space with the to be tested object in the middle at a fixed location. An heavy air flow is created by means of a strong fan installation or a system with a similar effect. Tests with a wind tunnel enable researchers to estimate the pressure distribution and numerous other aerodynamic forces. Wind tunnel screens play an important roll in influencing the wind flows.

The wind tunnel screens are placed in front of the fan installation. Wind tunnel screens are very important in terms of the equal airflow distribution towards the to be tested object. A wind tunnel without these screens would lead to a rotating air flow in the tubular shaped space, which would lead to inaccurate test results, there where a continuous air flow in one direction is needed to be able to draw any valid conclusions. In other words, woven wire mesh screens enable the distribution of the airflow equally by breaking the rotating airflow caused by the fan. Those wind tunnel screens need to have high air permeability and need to be wide, seamless (to maintain the equal air flow over the total surface), tough, flexible and thus vibration proof. This is why phosphor bronze wire mesh is predominantly applied as wind tunnel screens because of those characteristics, since it meets the requirements in terms of toughness and vibration resistance. So phosphor bronze mesh is highly recommended for applications like these, where stainless steels can suffer from metal fatigue.

From development to installing wind tunnel screens | Drenth Holland bv gained international experience by manufacturing wind tunnel screens for aviation research institutes and universities all around the world.

Services that can be provided:

  • Wide and seamless wire mesh up to 6 meters in width
  • The highest quality wire mesh with zero defects
  • High quality connection possibilities
  • World wide services | Drenth Holland bv is able to provide all the services required from development to installing the wind tunnel screens. Requirements such as air permeability, aperture, wire thickness and dimensions can be discussed in detail. Thus the product development will be done together with the client to obtain the best possible results. Mounting services and monitoring of the wind tunnel screens afterwards can also be provided based on customer demands.