Stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is used within a wide variety of industries since it is one of the most common materials for woven wire mesh products besides mild steel and galvanized steel with different properties. Some common applications for stainless steel wire meshes are for instance industrial sieves, chemical filters, architectural decoration, dandy roll sleeves for paper making, dryer belts and conveyor belts for the non-food industry as well as for the food industry. 

Stainless steel wire mesh properties

Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used because of its beneficial properties for industrial applications and architecture.

Certainly the biggest benefit of woven stainless steels is the high resistance in corrosion. Low-alloy steel can resist corrosion at normal atmospheric conditions where high-alloy steels can resist severe circumstances like; low/high temperatures, high pressures, acids, alkaline solutions and so on.

  • Some steels are exceptionally tough at very low temperatures while other alloys maintain strength at very high temperatures.
  • Most of the stainless steels can easily be manufactured with various weaving types in the weaving looms.
  • Stainless steel wire meshes can withstand various weather conditions and have a highly aesthetic appeal when it comes to architectural applications, like fencing and wall decoration.
  • Stainless steel is easy to maintain when it comes to the hygienic characteristics and clean ability, this is why stainless steel is also applied within the pharmaceutical- and food industry.
  • Stainless steel wire mesh is highly durable and can withstand severe circumstances over a long period of time. Which means that stainless steel can be categorized as a low maintenance material, thus this is usually a cost-effective choice in terms of a life cycle comparison with regard to costs.

Common technical options and specifications

  • Wire diameter: 0.13 mm – 1.00 mm
  • Mesh opening: 0,19 mm – 4,00 mm
  • Wires per cm: 2×2/cm – 31,5×31,5/cm
    • Mesh: 5 – 80
  • Colour: Grey/metallic
  • Plain weave, Twill weave and Dutch weave