Wire screens and mesh sieves

Wire screen or a mesh sieve is a common application of wire mesh. Both type of products have the same goal, which is to prevent objects or creatures gaining access. However, as logical as it seems, these wire meshes need to have the correct specifications in order to fulfill their tasks in the long term.

Wire screen

Wire mesh screens can be used to keep out unwanted things like insects. But they can also be used for netting purposes to protect human beings from falling masonry from old buildings or from rock falls.

Another application of a wire screen is to use it as a radiation shield, against radio signals for instance. It can also be utilized for a faraday cage to create an enclosure which blocks external electric fields.

Mesh sieve

Another application of wire mesh is to use it for sieving purposes. Mesh sieves are used for instance within the chemical and mining industries. The chemical industry utilizes wire mesh sieves for sieving unwanted particles out of chemicals which cause pollution in the product. The mining industry uses wire mesh sieves to separate small rocks from big rocks within their process, this is mostly done by wire mesh which is very robust with a large mesh.